Back to My Roots – Part One – JBC 1

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Apparently being the son of a Jamaican couple gives me every right to act as if I come from back home.  Sadly I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to the ways familiar with the home of reggae and … errr … other Jamaican exports in no way related to reggae music.  Like … errr … ermm …

Anyway, I was given some materials that I was told would help get me familiar with my roots (technically it’s more the other part of the stem as surely the actual root would be the African from which my ancestors were conveniently redistributed).  Here’s one of them giving good interpretations for some BBC classics. Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “Back to My Roots – Part One – JBC 1

    […] to reintegrate with the Motherland due to my complete anglicisation.  Last time I was being given Jamaican versions of BBC classics, now I get the insight on how holes in the wall would work back home.  I am learning so much, […]

    […] and before that I was getting a taste for what BBC favourites would sound like if they were redubbed in the tongue of my ‘home’.  What better way to complete this first set of materials than with another set of programmes as […]

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