The Death of Martin Luther King Jr. – Life From Death

I came across information about Martin Luther King Jr. at a relatively early age.  The Civil Rights struggle and the desire to see people not discriminated because of the colour of their skin was something that was more prevalent to me that almost any other cultural or racial element.  In those early days MLK was the nearest the 20th Century had to a saint with the obvious exceptions of Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi.

Those glowing tributes to him and hard earned work from the likes of the Rainbow coalition and Stevie Wonder to never let his legacy fade or his desire die can often cloud the issue that MLK was not a perfect man.  He was undoubtedly the right man in the right place of history to make a rallying cry to humanity – more than racial justice, but the heart of his religious beliefs about social justice for all regardless of colour and mindful of those economically disadvantaged.

That is something that I’ve taken to heart from his time on earth even though I’d be born nine years after he left.  It goes to show that when a person makes a deep enough mark on the conscience of time it can bring life even from death.




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