Reconsidering Richard Nixon

Some people in a certain historical narrative are vilified for their hand in making life look rather nasty.  Especially in so called liberal democratic countries like the UK and the US, anyone who seems to taint the ‘precious’ values of the political thinking is seen with a great deal of negativity.

Recently I was blogging about Lennon and McCartney and at the time I was watching a movie on the love relationship of John and Yoko.  One of the key turning points in their relationship was their effort to get John’s Green Card which apparently was stopped by among others the President of the United States of the time , Richard Nixon.

I did American Politics as part of the A-levels and have an ongoing interest in what goes on over the pond.  I’m also fascinated by the biographies of the key characters involved in those historical narratives.  Now I don’t go by everything I read, I don’t believe everything I read.  Richard Nixon is no longer with us and hasn’t been for a while.  I still wonder if there has been a substantial reshaping of American history to soften the view of Nixon from the Tricky Dick persona and the shuffling shambles of a beleaguered politician to one who endeavoured to grandstand the world stage making progress with China among other things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sharing a view on the man, I still tend to go for the fact that he was an archetypal politician made in the mode that would be pleasing to Machiavelli himself.  I’m just enquiring about his historical standing now.  Just wondering.




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