I Won’t Hold You Back Now -Toto

I’m not a big fan of the ’80’s as a decade, but I must admit there was some beautiful things that came out of that decade.  This song by Toto is one of them.  It is rightly classed as a ballad and the feel, the vocal, the music, the whole thing plays into the love thing very well.  I absolutely adore this track.  I can’t think of a ballad, rock or otherwise, that has been put together since that has these ingredients to make an outstanding song.  The guitar solo is worth the price of the song in itself – awesome stuff.

Such is my enjoyment of the song that I thought it would be cool to put a few versions up for you to enjoy and obviously you have to get the original into the system first – it sets the standard.

From the studio effort, check out this live version capturing the wonder of the simplicity and then grandeur of this track of love lost.

Then taking it through check this performance from their Proms appearance – wonderful updating on the classic.





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