Thank You Cows

I hate milk … other than in milk chocolate.  I hate dark chocolate and I love milk chocolate.  I hate cheese.  I hate yogurts.  I hate most dairy products.  I might be lactose intolerant.  I wouldn’t know, I haven’t been checked or anything.  I live in a house where the girls – and they are all girls – absolutely love the milk stuff.  Love the cheese, love the milk in the cereal, love the yogurts.  They love what I hate, and yet I love them – you see the power of love right there.

Anyway, a friend of mine who will remain anonymous (see, Hannah, told you no one would know … oops) was mentioning not understanding this here advert.  I offered the DMCD Thesis on Cows what with my indepth understanding of Big Barn Farm as already posted.  The thesis is really this simple – cows want to be horses because the horses are like in the A-List of celebrity animals.  You don’t see Braveheart calling his troops to arms whilst riding a cow.  Annual racing events don’t feature the cows either.  Let’s face it, Black Beauty isn’t about a Fresian is it?  (Although Black and White Beauty might have leaned in that direction … or maybe that’s MJ’s dream coming true a lot quicker than he thought)

Anyway so you can understand where the cow is coming from in aspiring to the life of a horse.  Simple, really when you think about it.  Just like I did.  Just here.  Just now.  Thank you cows.  Enjoy.




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