End of the Rafalution

Just a little blog to make mention that I am aware of the news regarding Mr. Benitez that trickled out on Wednesday night and flooded into the full news yesterday.

I had it in mind to do a full review of the season over the Premier League and for Liverpool themselves.  That is still very much in the pipeline and I’m hoping may pop up before the World Cup.  Part of that … a significant part as well … would be on the season Liverpool have had.  I’ll reserve most of what I have to say for that review.  In light of the Rafa news though, all I can say is that although the timing and method in which it’s done could be hugely questionable, the outcome is the right one in my humble estimation.  More on the reasons for that in the aforementioned review.

For the time being though, in as much as I’ve been critical, I sincerely hope the best for Rafael Benitez wherever he goes next.  If that’s Inter then I hope he does well there.  What a coup for the brother that would be to get a job like that.  All the best then Rafa and for Liverpool the exciting journey of who will replace him, when will that happen and what is going to happen to the club in preparation for the 2010/11 season.




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