More Stevie Birthday Tributes – Wild, Wild, West – Will Smith

Let’s start with the negative.  The movie itself was a flop.  This track charted and made a good initial impression, but is not going to go down as one of the very best of Will Smith.  As Stevie inspired tracks go this is never going to be right up there with the likes of Collio’s Gangsta’s Paradise.

Having got all that out of the way we can acknowledge what an enjoyable romp of a song this is.  The music video is good fun as well.  As for the movie itself, it may have flopped, but I thought it was alright.  There were laughs here and there and Kevin Kline and Will Smith weren’t phoning the performances in, I even thought Kenneth Branagh played the pantomime villain very well.

So the song’s good, Dru Hill is good, Will Smith is good, the tribute to Stevie in it is good.  It’s not great, but it’s all good.  Enjoy.




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