Technically speaking this children’s programme was before my time.  Literally.  This episode apparently was aired before I had even been spotted in the womb of me mother.  Yet I remember watching this as part of the BBC’s children’s programming package, so they obviously were happy to repeat for the benefits of mugs like me.  As ever with most of these programmes what I remember far more than the content was the theme tune.  I remember this one especially for the funny instrument they used for it.  (Not sure if it’s the harpsichord, but it’s a groovy word to slap into a blog of this calibre.)

The really spooky bit of it was the laughter at the end, that above anything else on the whole programme gave me the spooks and as a precursor for Ghostbusters I’m sure it had a huge influence on the hit song of that particular film.

Anyway, take the time out to be educated, or otherwise remember what it was like back in the day … even if that day was before your own.  Enjoy.




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