Election Final Analysis – The Considered Opinion

Lately this blog has offered top up to date information regarding all you need to know to cast your vote in the most important decision to be made in not just a generation but in many generations, many, many generations, nay indeed thrice I suggest many, many, many generations.  Your vote, your decision, your democratic decision could make the difference between a country returning to its former glories or forever being referred to in the past tense as a former great country but now no better than some of those third world countries we hear about like Ethiopia, Wales and even Scotland (hold on a minute …).

So let me remind you of those two positions on offer.  First there is the love party.

Then there was the hate party.

Both obviously hold very compelling arguments that you would be unwise to throw away as though it was something worthless like a piece of used chocolate bar wrapper or that Manchester United season ticket, or perhaps that copy of Madonna’s Greatest Hits (perchance even that latest copy of Hello/OK/Heat, etc magazine).

Here on this blog we pride ourselves on maintaining objectivity and impartiality.  We are not like other outlets who have already nailed their metaphorical flags to the metaphorical post metaphorically.  We don’t play those metaphorical games.  We go straight down the middle only looking to keep you informed as to what the basis of your choice will rest on.  So we leave it to you to think about which path to take and go with whatever your conscience elects is right for you and this mightily grand and great country of ours.

(As long as you vote for the Hate Party because any right thinking individual would give the Love Party a good heave ho, only maniacs, pinkos, communists and fans of Depeche Mode would be sad enough to vote for losers like the Love Party, what kind of fool would choose to ruin their livelihood on a fixation with consuming this substance.  That it’s even passed the Food & Hygiene authorities is a slur enough on this great country of ours and to compound that by actually allowing that party to win would be a fate worse than death or Cliff Richard singing at Wimbledon AGAIN … but I repeat myself in those two outlines.  It is for you to choose what is right – and that right is the Hate Party.  You know it makes sense.)

No pressure.




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