Jamie and The Magic Torch vs. Harry and His Bucket-full of Dinosaurs

I’m not one to hark on about the old days as if it’s better than today.  I’m more realistic.  What worked for me as a ten year old, may not work for my daughters when they reach that age.  It won’t stop me from giving them Asterix and Tintin books as they go, I’ve got to do my bit, but I appreciate their taste may differ from mine.  Such is life.

I came across this introduction to a television programme that my children chose to watch  and I was understandably horrified.  How dare they?  This is only a thinly veiled effort to reproduce something of genius from my age.

I was absolutely mortified that they tried to match this great children’s programme, which I’ve already lauded before, with this modern effort.   I know it’s not exactly the same, and I even saw the episode of the latter and had to admit it was alright, but still the sheer temerity to try and be better than Jamie and the Magic Torch was breathtakingly sacrilegious.

Still, as long as there are memories like mine nothing will ever take the place of the funky funky theme tune to that awesome children’s television programme with a dog that goes down a shoot and can go up it as well.  Great stuff, enjoy.




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