Superstition: A Live Experience

It must be really challenging to invest the same level of passion and energy in a song you’ve been performing on and off for almost 40 years.  In just a couple of years time, this will be the case for Stevie Wonder’s funk classic Superstition.

It is a great tune, when you check the album version you can appreciate just why it’s loved so much by so many.  There are a plethora of cover versions to be found and Stevie would appear to hardly find a tour complete without slotting it in there somewhere.

Unlike I Just Called To Say I Love You which was a hit that was quickly mocked, or even the track on Talking Book You Are The Sunshine Of My Life which was adored but then hijacked for muzak, Superstition demanded to remain as a funk great so even the live versions of it have that element that make it as great as it is.

Having said that, it is of great interest to contrast the level of energy Stevie puts in the song in 1990 and how he can still keep it up 18 years later in London.  It’s an impressive feat for any artist to keep putting in that level of performance in a song when it would be easy to just phone in a performance.  Note, however, it is the innovation in the latter version of it (i.e. slapping in the lyrics to the 2005 album track What The Fuss) that keep it fresh at least for Stevie.

Apparently the man himself is scheduled to be over these parts in the Summer and there may be a chance that I go and watch him live for the first time in me life.  I bet you a considerable amount of money that he’ll still wheel out this favourite and it will not fail to be a crowd pleaser, such is the power of the man, such is the power of the track.  Enjoy.




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