Now I Know My ABC …

So my wife has recently given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl.  Along with two other sisters that completes the hat-trick and with the others being relatively young, there’s still the issue of retaining the important information and I always thought music would be a great support in this endeavour.

This sentiment comes from my long held interest and passion for Sesame Street.  To reiterate, this programme did more to educate me than most teachers I’ve come across.  Part of the secret of that is to get good people along the thing and raise the profile of things.

So this Patti Labelle ‘gospel’ turn is just ideal.  That Patti, eh?  She’s even loud and raucous on Sesame Street, but thankfully she doesn’t go the whole hog of stealing the limelight from crucial characters like Ernie and Burt.

Then India.Arie went way up in my estimation with her go on the show.  I wonder now if they’re ready for German/Welsh singing … something tells me the answer would be no … In the meantime whatever there is to enjoy – enjoy.




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