Georgia On My Mind – Ray and Yolanda

It doesn’t have to be home to you, it can just be a very special place.  For example I was born in Wellingborough (yeah I know my birth certificate says Kettering, but that was the hospital, not the place of my birth if you know what I mean).  So I have fond memories of the place, and yet I’m sure I could write a song about my time in Peckham.  Yeah, you read that right, I actually genuinely with no strings attached or gun pressed to my head, had some good times in Peckham.

So I can understand how people can get all goose-bumpy about a place like Georgia.  To then go and write such a memorable song about it is the stuff of greatness.  To then cap it off and have it eloquently, passionately rendered by the man that is Ray Charles is not the icing on the cake it is the takeover of the entire bakery!

Not to be too outclassed though you have the illustrious Yolanda Adams giving it a go.  If you’ve not had the privilege of checking her vocal style then take a mug of hot beverage, take a sip, let it soothe your throat as the lovely voice soothes your ears and soul likewise.  Awesomely talented singer who can do a variety of styles and stay clean if you know what I mean.  She gives the song some oomph as well.

Both quality versions of a song that reminds you that wherever you’re physically located it only takes a little trigger to take you to that place you have particularly fond memories of.  Enjoy.




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