Mick Foley: Hardcore Diaries Preview

When my wife saw me reading the third autobiographical tome by Mick Foley – The Hardcore Diaries, she thought I was reading something else on a subject matter somewhat different from the industry for which Mr. Foley is well reputed.  Indeed if I were to tell quite a number of my peers or even or even you that I was reading the Hardcore Diaries, I’m certain your initial response would be akin to that of finding out that your old man is a pervert.

So some level of explanation may be required to the uninitiated and even to my wife who is aware of some aspects of the professional wrestling industry (she likes the Rock … yeah I know he’s yesterday’s man, but she knows someone … sure it’s not his wrestling skills that made the greatest impression on her either if you smell …).

Coming soon you can read the review that covers what the book is actually about if it’s got nothing to do with that subject matter that my wife was concerned I had engaged in.  To be honest, it’s not completely clean, but it is definitely not what you were initially thinking either … honest.  That review is coming to the AF blog near you … soon.  In the meantime, enjoy.




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