State of Things to Come

So I’m sitting down just chilling and reflecting on how we’re approaching the end of the football season.  The big games will be coming in the next few weeks or so and then it will be all over …

Except it won’t there will be plenty to keep me occupied in the coming months running up to and through the Summer.  The Doctor has made his appearance at last and is scheduled to be with us for the next three months, which will take us nicely up to June.  Then there’s the World Cup to look forward to down in South Africa.  That should comfortably occupy interest over the summer months.  Then just as we think it’s safe to get some kip, up will crop those early hankerings for the start of the football season all over again.

Ahh yes, more than enough to keep me going,  In and among all that there are the summer blockbusters which I’ll be covering with movie reviews here, the wrestling carries on and there’s still the new series of Law and Order: Criminal Intent to review.  All the way through, of course, there will be the ever faithful book reviews.  There are those that are to be reviewed that are piling up neatly on me living room table, then there are those I’ve yet to come across not just through my local library, but now BY THE POWER OF AMAZON the classic books that will form a part of the illustrious Christopher Dryden Collection (it’s got to be good if I’m bothered to buy it).

What would AF be if it wasn’t for the usual trips down memory lane and I’m sure the odd thing here and there harking back to a far more innocent era (as if).  There’s got to be something on here to make you laugh, and with  general election around the corner that should be funny, but seriously … no that should be funny.  Finally the music thing should just go from strength to strength as I come across and explore the old and new with equal interest.

Ahh yes, just in case I thought there would not be enough to keep me going there is enough to keep me off the streets – and enough for you to be excited about seeing in the future here on AF.  Have I mentioned rugby league?  Well about that …




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