Another Case of the Beginning of the End and …

I had the privilege of being able to view the entirety of part one of Loyalty, the first in a two parter to open the ninth season of Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  This as you should know by now is the beginning of the end of for the original detective partnership of the show in Goren and Eames as played by Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe respectively.  It is also the end of Captain Ross as played by Eric Bogosian.

I know quite a bit has been written about it already and much plays on the emotional impact of the central thrust of the show.  I didn’t find it that moving, but still quality acting from those involved.  I’d be excited about it when it comes over to England eventually, it is already the makings of a decent way to say goodbye to two of the much loved characters in the detective television business.

As well as goodbye of course, there is also the hello to the new partnership.  We don’t see them in the first episode but as you’ll tell from the clip below, we are meant to be seeing them in the second part.  Seeing the Zach Nichols character, played by Jeff Goldblum, interact with Goren and Eames really does mark out the difference the show is likely to take when he and his new partner takes over.  A bit like the change of Doctor, though, it’s nothing to be too nervous about.  It’s like life, really, whenever something changes, in as much as it’s good to have similar elements there has to be a difference and the trick is if that difference can maintain the interest as well as spark something new and in the way the Nichols character has come across thus far, it bodes very well and obviously you have to give the Serena Stevens character that chance to settle in.

Yeah big shoes to fill in with the significant mark that D’Onofrio and Erbe left on the show, but not insurmountable.  I am eager to see how they’ll finally say their goodbyes and the hints towards it being related to Goren’s mental stability and reputation might be a huge hint, but I shall patiently wait and murmur not regarding their outcome and warmly welcome the new team as they make their way through this first season.




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