CD On The Man Utd and Chelsea Age Issue

I read this article in the Mirror about how Chelsea’s defeat of Manchester United exposes how United have an old team.  Funny that, I’m sure earlier this season much was being made about how Chelsea were full of old age pensioners who were reaching their peak and beyond whereas United offered the fresh approach.

As I understand it at this time, subject to change, United’s selection options as a whole is a lot younger than Chelsea’s.  The average age of the United side apparently veered towards 31, but look at the Chelsea side they’re hardly spring chickens, but the argument that they have more pace misses the point when you look at who will have more endurance.

I hope Chelsea win the league this season and beating United at Old Trafford surely makes them deserving of such an achievement, but long term I’d prefer to look to United as lasting longer.  I won’t have to worry too much, though, because although Liverpool aren’t looking like contenders next season, hopefully the improvement of Aston Villa, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City will stand the league in good stead next season, especially if the United side look to depend too much further on Rooney.




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