The Doctor Cometh

It has been four months since David Tennant bid farewell to the role of the Doctor in the longest regeneration sequence ever.  The build up to Matt Smith’s debut has been spot on.  It’s all rather new now.

Whereas back in the early 1980’s the producer at the time John Nathan Turner was able to put on the five faces of the Doctor to keep people’s attention about it in the run up to Peter Davison’s debut in the role, things are very different now.  The BBC obviously have been able to put on the entire last two years of programmes – that’s the season with Donna and the year of specials – on repeat in the interim period and for those with digital television and access to Watch, they have been putting on the earlier Tennant series, so you’ve never really been without the Doctor in the off-season as it were.  That has made the wait much more bearable.

As well as that, though, the BBC have been really cute in teasing us over the months and weeks with what could happen with the new Doctor and they’ve played it perfectly.  The trailers and then as the time has drawn closer especially in the week we’ve had there’s been appearances and interviews from the new executive producer Steven Moffat, the new companion Karen Gillan playing Amy Pond and obviously the new Doctor himself.

It has been fascinating seeing Matt on various programmes and reading his interviews, it’s easy to forget that this is still a young man who has been thrust into the limelight in one of the most prestigious roles on television.  It’s like expecting a new Prime Minister to start knowing everything.  It’s intriguing hearing and watching him bumble his way through some and confidently swimming through others, but there’s enough to be content that he’ll be of interest in the post.

With that in mind we come to the thrilling speculation over what kind of Doctor he will be, what kind of programme will it be under Moffat’s rule.  Well there’s enough from the clips that have come out to be assured that it will be new and that is a great thing.  With just a few hours left before it comes on the screens the excitement is palpable and along with the new things with the Doctor, there’s also some new things with the coverage of the new Doctor on this here blog.  All being well as of tomorrow, Sundays will be the day to get my own review of each episode as the series unfolds.  So look out for the review of The Eleventh Hour this time in the morrow.

Hail as the Doctor cometh …




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