The New Doctor Is Nearly Here

So last week apparently there was a premiere for the first episode of the new Doctor.  The production team and the BBC have really done their homework in preparing for the important next step in the Dr. Who franchise, making sure there’s little bits to feed the public with.  There were the trailers from last month and now they’ve also added this new trailer.

Again it’s too early to make any firm judgements on anything, other than the fact that the marketing strategy is going very well.  They are doing a great job in whetting the appetite and helping things grow in anticipation of what this new Doctor will be like.  I am very grateful for the blog of Ian Wylie for supplying the text of the launch event Q&A with Matt Smith and Kate Gillan.  Ian appears to be in a field of work very similar to one I wouldn’t mind pursuing myself.  Not so much freelance journalist per se, but definitely involved in writing and doing interviews and that kind of thing.

What I will say about the initial impressions about Matt Smith as the Doctor is that I am already intrigued.  He does appear to have that sense of having a lot of years in him and there is something about him that harks back to some elements of previous Doctor characterisations notably the slight air of arrogance you got with the third Doctor, the alien craziness of the fourth Doctor and the mystery element of the seventh Doctor.  (I know what you’re thinking, I’ve not even seen an episode, let alone a season, how can I reach these feelings already?  Call it a hunch.)  Mixing that together as well as adding in his own take on the role should make things sufficiently interesting and different to the predecessor to keep the show bobbing along nicely.  I sincerely hope so.  Then of course the blighters across the pond get this promo as well!  (Thank you Den of Geeks)

It won’t be long now though, in just a few days we shall be put out of our misery as the new season and new era begins – roll on the Doctor!




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