Top Of The Pops – Those Were The Days

Nostalgia plays a big part of this blog.  I don’t apologise for that.  I know what I enjoyed and loved back in the day.  I have a laugh with people to say something along the lines that they don’t make them like that anymore.  That laugh is true, they don’t make them like that anymore.  It would be rather sad if they did, because I appreciate that what worked for my age group back then, wouldn’t necessarily be the same thing for the generations to come.  It doesn’t make what I experienced any better or worse than what happens now, it just means that its different.

There is no greater example of that difference than in the pop show that was Top of the Pops.  Now by the late 90’s and 00’s I could not care less about the show.  Pop music didn’t mean that much to me and watching it on the telly meant even less and I couldn’t relate with the presenters in any way. That’s just me.  Yet back in the day and by day I’m of course referring to the late 80’s, I was well suckered into the pop deal.  Yeah I admit it, at the same time as Aussie soaps like Neighbours and later Home and Away were important parts of me lifestyle, I thought nothing of enjoying the latest tunes by Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and others like Bros (yeah, but not for long, honest), Brother Beyond, Mel & Kim, Sinitta (yeah, I admit, I did fancy here), etc.

I look back on that in my shame.  I look on that knowing that in case I think the latest reality show fads and the like are awful, then I don’t have much to talk about when I thought this was the height of quality.  And that theme tune to Top of the Pops summed it up.  So I get a mixture of feelings on hearing it … but for all the dross, it was good at the time.  Enjoy.




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