He Lost The Loving Feeling – Phil Spector Bio Preview

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling is apparently the most played song in the 20th Century.  That’s quite a feat considering some of the musical memories committed to record over those hundred years especially in the second half.  In as much as people may remember The Righteous Brothers for delivering it to us, perhaps music lovers would remember this as another example of the towering musical giant of the time that was Phil Spector.

A book that has gripped my attention since I opened it has been the Mick Brown biography on Spector – Tearing Down The Walls Of Sound.  There was something intriguing about the premise of the book that lead me to believe it was promising much, but would it deliver on the promise? With such an enigmatic yet elusive figure courting such a range of views and opinions leading up to the controversy of his latter years would that be conveyed in suitably gripping fashion?  Find out in the book review of that in an upcoming entry near you soon.  Enjoy.




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