Jimmy Greaves: Football’s Greats Preview

For reasons that I’m not always that sure of, I don’t read one book exclusively and only on finishing it start another.  I just don’t read that way.  There are certain books that will grab my interest and I’ll tend to read it through over a period of time, but at any given time more often than not there’ll be at least two books on the go.  There are quite a number of book reviews outstanding on some of the tomes I got through last month, but these will crop up as and when the time manifests itself.

There are some reviews I’m looking forward to posting and you’ll find out more on those previews in upcoming posts.

One of the books I’ve recently started and excited to review is Football’s Great Heroes and Entertainers by Jimmy Greaves.  Now Greavsie, eh?  An illustrious career rated as one of England’s greatest natural goalscorers with a phenomenal record especially for a time when defences got meaner.  Despite his battle with alcoholism and his own admitted early retirement from playing the brother has not stayed too far from the game at all.  As a pundit, commentator, host and writer he has managed to stay attached to the game he loves through almost four decades.

From my recollection of some of the books I’ve read of his, he is from the ‘they don’t play it like they used to’ old school, but what keeps me reading is that he’s entertaining in his views.  He keeps me interested even if I don’t agree with him.  This book promises to be a bit different, though, as he’s up for giving profiles on who he considers to be the fifty (really fifty-one) best footballers of his lifetime up to the current day.

I love books like that and in Greaves I know it’s in good hands, so look out for that review once I’ve finished the book … and time allows!  Enjoy.




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