What’s Wrong With This?

So  pro-wrestling wasn’t always great back in the 90’s, but here we are it’s 1994 and WCW are hyping in anticipation of their biggest match to date.  Even there, though, the two biggest guys in the business were kinda past their prime as in-ring storytellers.  Flair’s best days were obviously past him and the way the company would treat him for the rest of the decade would baffle and sadden those who regard him as the greatest of all time.  Hogan however would enjoy going over the top again with the heel turn and run in NWO as well as living off his name with a return to WWE for a little bit.  Yet when you consider the characters in their prime, this confrontation, hyped as the first (though possibly not) was as good as it was going to get.

That was 1994.  16 years ago. People born at that time are now approaching the end of their time in compulsory education.

So it doesn’t take much to see what the problem is with this picture.  To put TNA over the top in their bid for supremacy in the wrestling world following the last Monday Night blip they wheel out the same guys who were headlining in the 1980’s alongside characters who really should be pushed in their own right.  So the argument is that the star-turn will give them the rub they need to establish themselves in the big time.  That of course is possible, but hogwash.  You consider Flair who’s meant to have retired making another comeback when the guy should stick to what he does best and stay on the mic and out of the ring.  To see these two old fogeys still going in the ring and offering competition to men virtually half their age is pathetic.  As it happened the match itself didn’t achieve the push that was required for the younger guys.

And that is what’s wrong with this picture.




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