Thierry Eliez covers Overjoyed and If It’s Magic

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You’ve got the idea by now that I’m into Stevie Wonder and I’m into folks who cover his music. I obviously prefer it if they do a good job of that and unless the effort is so awful it’s laughable I won’t post it unless it’s worth you giving some time to it.

Now do I know Thierry Eliez?  What do you think?  Of course I don’t (see how I take it easy on your brain, right there).  Never heard of him in all my days on planet earth until I came across his version of Overjoyed.  Let me deal with If It’s Magic cover first.  That’s alright, not uprooting any trees or establishing a threat to the original, but a good faithful cover of the song – the brother’s alright vocally and I’m cool with that.

To be fair, though, if it was just this bit that I was reviewing, I wouldn’t post it.  It’s the piano’s treatment of Overjoyed that caught my attention.  It’s not just showing off, it’s taking a song and doing things with it that only a piano can do justice to, wonderful version indeed.  (Trust me I try not to use that pun, but it’s not meant as a pun in this instance.)  The man is evidently gifted to weave a spell on the piano that gets you up and hopping around the song and settled into it by the end.  A marvellous rendition well worth giving your time to consider.  Enjoy.




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