City – A Tale Of Never Going Back

Following the recent review of The Worst of Friends: Malcolm Allison, Joe Mercer and Manchester City, it was only fitting to follow it up by recommending this documentary available on good ol’ YouTube.  It’s the first part of a six-part series all available through the same account and it is a fascinating insight into management and the crucial sentiment of never going back to an old club.  It’s also a good insight into some of the football politics of the day, which I’m sure hasn’t changed that much in the 30 years since then.

You get an all too real unveiling of why Allison’s career was so tragic and how you can see the potential never realised in the ill-fated decision to go back to a club that he had done relatively well in the first go.  Watching it highlights how good a documentary can tell as story and despite the best efforts of the personalities to appear reasonable – like the man Peter Swales – you can see through it so clearly to that thing of the corrupting influence of power.

It’s not a depressing documentary at all and it acts as a good advert to anyone in any walk of life as to reasons why you have to be careful in how you deal with others and how you deal with yourself. Enjoy.




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