What On Earth Happened To John Lennon?

So following the recent ode to Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane, I remember reading quite a bit about the Beatles about ten years ago.  I particularly remember reading quite a bit about the rise and fall of the band and what happened in their solo careers.  The most enigmatic of those characters was undoubtedly John Lennon.  Now I appreciate George’s mysticism and Ringo is underrated as a character, but such is the complexity of his life story that Lennon’s tale is undoubtedly the most intriguing.

The other day I went through all parts of the documentary that was put together in his memory ten years ago.  Now the thing about dead people is that you’re left with the living to tell you about the dead as though they would know.  Now as a good editor there’s an angle in which you approach a story and this particular documentary does not paint a beatific all is well with the world what a wonderful guy portrait.  It’s not a hagiography that you’d imagine on the E! channel or the Biography channel.  Yet there is a distinct axe to grind and to an extent it’s not surprising that the baddie is Yoko and the goodie is Cynthia.

No doubt the man’s life impacted his generation, but when you hear and watch stuff like this and compare it to the other approaches to the man’s life available in various media, it leaves you wondering really what on earth happened to John Lennon?  More than Elvis, more than Martin Luther King, more than Diana – there’s something about the episodes and incidents in the man’s life that leads you asking that question.  In as much as the makers of this documentary had some good eyewitnesses, they evidently are not covering all the bases and it just leaves you with that nagging suspicion that there is a whole heap more to the man than is made out.  Still, such is the nature of a good story of a fascinating life.  Enjoy.




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