I’m Coming Out/The Boss – Diana Ross

This track is really about me old radio days and books I’ve read before.  When I did radio back in university The Braxtons came out with a track called The Boos.  It was alright, and before playlists came in selections were closely monitored I’d play it fairly regularly.  One of the most interesting biographies I read was about Diana Ross entitled Call Me Miss Ross.  I read his updated version which I believe is just called Diana Ross: The Unauthorised Biography.  In any case I wasn’t too convinced about Miss Ross even before I read the book, I felt a lot of the Motown stuff was slightly overrated.  Reading the biography made me dislike the portrayal of Diana even further, which wasn’t particularly helped by other presentations of her and the trouble she got into.

So it should come as a bit of a surprise that I make this selection for another day’s content.  Here’s the thinking.  First Miss Ross does this song better than The Braxtons and it’s a good song.  Also I’m Coming Out is a fine song – yeah it has connotations that have been exploited since, but it does funky almost disco kind of feel very well.  So props where it belongs.  Plus this whole presentation is quality 80’s cheesy glamour concert television! Enjoy.




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