Doctor Who – Season Five – The Teasing Continues

Everything for it’s season, I agree.  I think it’s one of the weaknesses of wrestling that it doesn’t have an off-season but rolls on all year round.  It’s good to start, peak and then chill afterwards before starting again.  That’s why I’m a big fan of the Sabbath concept – we all need a break at some point to reflect, re-energise, and of course in the case of Dr. Who regenerate – literally.

One of the things about off-seasons, though, is for those who wait for the next season to start.  Like football on years in odd-numbers, it is absolute agony waiting from the end of May to the end of August for the game to get going again.  All the transfer gossip is vapid stuff to fill in the gap of our eager anticipation of that which gets us talking.  We need something, though, or we’ll go spare with the boredom.

How much more the anticipation for the new season of Dr. Who (yeah apparently it’s season five of the new series).  So we’ve had that interesting preview we saw at the end of Tennant’s stint.  Recently they’ve put on a new trailer and made it nice and generic giving little away as to what the individual episodes will deal with, but giving us teasing glimpses into what the Doctor and his new companion could possibly be like.

You could get all over-analytical about what the new guy might be like based on these glimpses, but that’s like transfer gossip – it’s rather superficial and not the real thing until you get to the real thing.  Now we’re a bit clearer on when that new season will begin – around Easter.  How apt that a resurrected Doctor should pop up at the same time as the pagan festival that’s been Christianised based on new life.

That won’t be too long now and gives us something to look forward to with even greater anticipation.  Of course back in the day before the plethora of satellite channels came into being unless you bought the videos, you’d be stuck with the wait.  Now, of course, thanks to the powers that be at Watch and even BBC Three there are re-runs of entire seasons of the new series that should tide people over until the new one appears.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed the Dr Who specials from last year again in the run-up to the new guy’s appearance.

For the time being, though, the teasing, speculating and waiting continues.  Enjoy.




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