How Do They Do That? Stevie, Rhythm & Don’t You Worry

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If I did buy and watch DVD’s or even rent them, I’d be most interested in the extras available, especially the making of documentary.  Good versions of these enriches the enjoyment of the film for me.  It’s not about wrecking the illusion we take into watching it, it’s exulting in the machinations that brought it all about.  In any case it’s unlikely that any of these kind of things are that revelatory anyway.  They’re hardly going to publicise trade secrets.

So what I like about movies I love about music as well. I did a GCSE in music, because I’m that way inclined and obviously have a great love for music (well come on just check the different posts that I’ve posted on the subject).  I would have loved my music lessons to have been like this.  A masterful tribute to how Stevie put stuff together and an appreciation that what appears simple, is not always that simple at all.  Remember, this only deals with the rhythm, can you imagine the other aspects of the song and how the thing generated in the brother’s mind?  You can also see the part it plays in the larger context of rhythmic development near the end.  Amazing and enthralling.  Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “How Do They Do That? Stevie, Rhythm & Don’t You Worry

    Martin said:
    February 23, 2010 at 12:50

    I love Stevie, a genius in the real sense, like Beethovan or Motzart (and much better than the Doobie Brothers)!

    […] a comment » So recently I paid due homage to the genius of Stevie Wonder – you know that’s not the last you’ll hear from me from him.  I was minding my […]

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