Margaret Thatcher: She Did It Her Way

I’d like to think I’m a reasonable guy and as I get a little older perhaps there’s some bits and pieces of maturity I might pick up on the way.  Take Margaret thatcher for instance.  For years and years I had a hatred of her that didn’t border on the irrational, it jumped over the border and took up citizenship and residency in the country of irrationality.  Don’t get me wrong there were some fundamental things she did wrong and her basis of operation in my opinion was also wrong.  What I realise however is that it’s a waste of my energy to go into the irrationality when it comes to her.  As I ease up on the lady there’s more room for compassion for what forces must have driven her to do the things she did and also a respectful acknowledgement of what ‘accomplishments’ she can be credited with.

Thankfully in the height of her power there was Spitting Image to lampoon her every movement as well as that of the opposition and indeed anyone who would dare to put their mug in the public eye.  Indeed as this says, love her or loathe she definitely did things her way.


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