Chaka Khan – Night In Tunisia

I should be arrested. It should be a criminal offence.  Someone ought to really give me a good rebuke and reprimand for such a scandalous reality.  I have not posted that many Chaka Khan tracks on here at all, and how I can afford to do that and still claim to be doing justice to the world is beyond me.  Yet now realising the error of my ways I am doing my bit as part of my rehabilitation so I can perform my proper role in society.

Night in Tunisia is a quality tune anyway, but you can see the thinking behind the one who did the arrangement.  Put together the song in a jazz style that will keep people bright and alert to it and then to add the cherry on the cake … OK to make the cake itself tasty as well as putting a cherry on it, there was sense in giving the vocal duties to the incomparable Chaka Khan.

I’ve heard a lot of singers in my brief sojourn on this plain of existence, but few can ever touch the vocal dexterity, power, passion and all round quality of Chaka Khan.  No disrespect meant, but I often wonder what people rave about in Aretha Franklin, when to me Chaka is out there as a great singer.  That’s male and female, secular and gospel, few are even good enough to tie her boot-straps.

So it is no surprise whatsoever that this song should prove to be such a delight to the ears.  Enjoy.




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