Laughter in the Pain

Being able to make people laugh is not something to be considered lightly.  Whether it’s the dark humour of working in a grim situation, or the funny things observed in every day life, it’s not straightforward to find that line of mirth or that story that cracks any hard atmosphere in hilarity.  Funny people are definitely worth their weight in gold.

I’m not necessarily one that admires the use of vulgarity, obscenity and expletives to convey a point, even if it’s done in a manner that is meant to sympathise with the regular ‘street’ manner of communication.  I have greater respect for those funny men who can crack a laugh without resorting to those base tendencies of the human condition.

That’s not to say that I’ve acted the saint at all times and have a prudish approach to comedy and comedians.  Bernie Mac was a funny man, facial gestures, comic acting, vocally gifted in terms of his delivery in both timing, pitch, tone and content established him as a genuinely funny guy.  Sure his stand-up routine was replete with vulgarity, obscenity and expletives sprinkled with the liberty of sugar in a box full of Frosties, but thankfully that was not all he was funny for.

It is so fascinating seeing the other Original Kings of Comedy at the memorial service.  It highlights one of those crucial factors in how we approach death.  It is a time of celebrating life and the legacy of the life the lost one lived and left behind.

Cedric’s tribute kicks things off in the right light, paying homage to his friend and also getting the gags in at the right time and in the right way leaving people laughing as well as remembering what put Mac in the limelight in the first place.

DL’s tribute is truly touching as he#s evidently not just overwhelmed by the memory of the guy, but also the surroundings he’s in.  I mean it is the most peculiar place to deliver a routine, and then knowing it’s more of a tribute than a set seems to make this all the more memorable.

It is fitting that Steve has the final word because of the three of them, he has the closest links to church and his has the balance of this insight as well as his amazing communcative gift.  What is also remarkable is Steve’s bald head – that is just the business!

Through these tributes there is something very important that DL says before ending his piece.  Sometimes we never get the chance to say I love you to those who mean a lot to us.  Life is worth the living in appreciating those who help us in the living while they still live, for the time will inevitably come when that opportunity won’t be afforded to us.  Enjoy.




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