Kevin Keegan – Great Player …

As you’ve gathered, one of my favourite pastimes is football.  I like watching it, I like reading about it and I like talking about it.  I enjoy some of the themes of life that you get in the sport and I love the way it can go from one extreme to another in very quick time.

When I first got into the sport and when I got into reading as well I’d take pleasure in going in the library and look for books about football and especially about Liverpool.  When I read the books that told the story of the club among the names that were highlighted in it was Kevin Keegan.  Later on I was in a second hand bookshop and saw an old autobiography that KK did when he was relatively young and I remember getting that and treasuring it for years.

There is something about his character that made me fascinated by the guy.  Then to see his impact at Newcastle United as their manager at first was great.  To see how things have turned out for him since then has left his legacy somewhat open to misunderstanding.  I read this biography about him and thought it was so far from as good an analysis of the man as I’d hope and so coming to some lazy conclusions about him.  This was surprising because the writer was involved with Tony Adams’ autobiography which is the standard for all football biographies.

It leaves the question as you check these clips from a programme done about him, what really does he leave behind for lovers of football?  How should he be remembered – the grafter who took his graft to become the first image constructed football superstar or the impulsive, emotional motivator who was unable to win major trophies in any of his time in management?  Yet there’s more to the guy than that.  I am not sure if there’s any other public impact he is to make, but I’ll remain ever intrigued by the footballer, the manager, the soccer icon and the man Kevin Keegan.  Enjoy.




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