Mint Condition: EWF Tribute – Love’s Holiday and After The Love Has Gone

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Mint Condition have a real talent for their craft there is no doubt about it and they full deserved their last big up on this blog with their great tune Someone to Love.  So it was a tremendous meeting of quality groups that they should pop up on a television programme apparently for AOL to do some covers of EWF favourites.

Their treatment of After The Love Has Gone is respectful and not too wild in going different places keeping it tight to the original as soon as possible.  Keeping it real with the saxophone solo near the end is also neat and his bit is more than cool for school.

Sometimes you can be faithful and respectful to original material and that can work for you, as it did for Mint Condition and After The Love Has Gone.  Then you can take a song and make it your own (sorry for anyone sick and tired of hearing that comment from popstar wannabe talent contests, but in some senses it can be true!).  Love’s Holiday may not appear to have enough room for manouvre but you don’t even remember the EWF version when you see what the group do with it and you’re alright with it – the song sounds virtually their own and a chilled version at that.  Thus going to show what a sterling group and how aptly named Mint Condition are.  Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “Mint Condition: EWF Tribute – Love’s Holiday and After The Love Has Gone

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