Leeds United – The Glory Days

I like football and I like a bit of history and so it was brilliant coming across this documentary about the inheritance – the legacy if you will – of the Leeds United of the Don Revie days.  Undoubtedly these are the best years of the club thus far and watching these clips gives you an idea of why the club were so eager to reach for it again in the late 90’s and early 00’s.

Don Revie, though, is a figure of contrasting depictions depending on if you come from Leeds or not.  Funnily enough with the financial troubles at the club, Revie was rumoured to have offered a few readies here and there to those willing to assist his club on their way to glory.  He also infamously left the England job that he got after the time at Leeds for a lucrative offer in the United Arab Emirates.  For all the controversy, though, there is little doubt that his Leeds team of the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s was one of the most influential of that era.  It is fascinating hearing the players give such acclaim and praise to the man as a father figure.

You can see some of the influences of Revie’s side with some of the modern approaches to the game by some teams which like to be tough to beat first and then look to play beautiful football.  Of course, some don’t bother with the latter bit, but you can’t blame Don for that.

If you’re interested in football history and the story of Leeds United from Revie to O’Leary then you might as well check out the account of the brother who posted these up as they have some quality material including the series Leeds, Leeds, Leeds.

It’s a bit funny watching the documentary now as it looks to what they believe promised to be great days for the club, only for them to collapse into financial mismanagement and football failure resulting in relegations.  It is good to see the start of their return back to  bigger things especially with their good cup run at present.

This documentary can come across as a bit of a hagiography at times, but it’s still worthwhile viewing to remember one of the significant names of English football in the 20th Century.  Enjoy.




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