Message to My YMCA Peeps from Stevie Wonder – Send One Your Love

As you’d have read over at the other place, today is a significant day in the life of dmcd for today is my independence day last day at work for the North Staffordshire YMCA.  I’ve been there for three and a half years … ahh you can read the spiel over at the over place.  Here I wanted to lay musical tribute fitting as a message to those who have enjoyed the journey with me.  This is not an exclusive deal by any means, feel free to share the sentiment if you want to do what my brother Stevie is saying – show them your love.

Now I know it’s a romantic song for lovers and stuff.  Indeed when I’m playing it loud in the crib I’ll often sing along (badly) to drop a few hints to me own beloved.  There is something about the power of love, however, that makes the sentiments of this song applicable to those special times of coming across precious people, precious causes, precious missions with which you grow in love and I have had the huge honour of being involved in that in my time at the North Staffs YMCA, so I’m happy to let Stevie do me work for me (again) in musically conveying my heartfelt wishes to those I leave behind.

Not only are there his beautiful vocals, there is this luscious stripped down cover version as well that is equally for the mellowing of the mind and soothing of the soul.

Then just in case you want to get an instrumental version, Nelson Rangell, a guy I didn’t know from Adam, came my way and put together this ace flautist impression of Stevie’s classic.  Now this is the sort of thing you can do the gardening to, or give you some respite from the rush and the hurry-scurry of the day.  Just chill and let it flow through you man.

And to cap it off, to prove it’s not just a studio fluke that the master’s carrying on with, check out his live version of the song with all the intimacy you get from that kind of setting and of course reinforcing the point that the man is up there with the greatest singers and songwriters of our time. Enjoy.




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