Good Storytelling – Dallas

One of the things I learnt from my day in radio was that it is amazing what you can convey in a minute.  There was an adage that each minute of speech would cost an hour’s worth of preparation.  When you consider what was put in that minute, it is clear to see why that adage is true.  It is clear that despite the difference in medium, television also works on a similar principle of preparation, especially when it comes to good storytelling.

It is quite impressive noting what is said about the main characters of the classic soap Dallas in the space of this ten minute excerpt.  Virtually what we would know about them for the years to come is encapsulated in these moments, from Bobby’s heart, to Pam’s concern, to Miss Ellie’s matriarchal role, Jock’s rugged exterior, Ray’s honest endeavour, Sue Ellen’s demure but waspish intrigue, Lucy’s bubbly and annoying  girly-ness and most importantly the ruthless, selfish, ambitious nature of JR.  All in ten minutes.

That was just the beginning … indeed they don’t make them like this anymore!  Enjoy.




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