Worst Dr. Who Regeneration Ever

Yeah we haven’t finished with the Dr. Who thing despite DT being off our screens for the best part of the week.  I’m not sure I mentioned it in my overview of the reviews but the actual regeneration scene seguing from DT to Matt Smith was actually a bit shoddy.  Now I don’t mean awful shoddy or actually unprofessional, but when you compare it to the other regenerations, especially the last on from Eccleston to DT then just to see the face change in more than a blink of the eye was a bit sad.

That disappointment, thankfully was off-set by watching a regeneration scene that is undoubtedly the worst in the entire history of the series.  I understand that Colin Baker wouldn’t turn up for his scene because of the way the BBC treated him.  No problems, but still there was no need to have to do the scene in this way.  As if a wig would ever fool anyone to guess the difference between the big guy and the little guy that would take his place.  Another pity as well as both Doctors were hugely wasted opportunities.  I liked both actors, their characters and the potential that could have been exploited and feel bad when they’re slighted in reviews of the series.  It’s fitting that this regeneration is the worst of the series.



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