Looking For Another Pure Love (LIVE) – Stevie Wonder

It is the sign of the man that Stevie Wonder’s name is linked to songs like ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’, ‘You Are The Sunshine of My Life’, ‘Ebony & Ivory’, ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Superstition’.  When his albums are mentioned, the first port of call is usually ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ (SITKOL) and such is the plethora of quality material he’s been producing since 1961 that it’s no surprise that some tracks go by almost unnoticed.

Sadly it’s no longer with us (Mar 2011 Update)

Speaking of his quality albums much as people go for SITKOL, the reason for it’s high adulation as well as the songs on it was the build up to the album coming off the back of three albums that were huge hits for Wonder.  The first of these was Talking Book on which as well as the classics ‘You Are The Sunshine of My Life’ and ‘Superstition’ you will also come across this brilliant track. I ave mentioned elsewhere how another neglected track – Tuesday Heartbreak – is also found on this album.  In this case Looking For Another Pure Love fits well with the melancholy ethos of the set of songs in the part of the album.  The song preceding this is ‘Blame It On The Sun’ where the breakdown of the relationship is dealt with self-critically and so understandably we have this song where the hurt and jilted partner is off to find someone new.

As I’ve mentioned it is not the first song you’d think of when thinking of Stevie, but it is a quality song.  I never knew he did it live and I was very grateful for someone to have recorded and share it with the world, because there’s nothing like listening to a quality studio piece done well in the live arena.  This is done well, which is to be expected, because this is after all, Stevie Wonder.  Enjoy.



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