Rocket Love – Cover and Original

So I haven’t soon come off a cover deal about Stevie’s great track Summer Soft.  You know that, you’ve just read it, remember?  I’m just browsing for other Stevie stuff when I come across this.  Now we were talking previously about the three approaches to covering a track and this falls slap bang in the middle of option number one, which as you recall is where you do your own thing.  I mean from the start the feel of the song it’s swing and bounce and also as you hear it through and realise that unlike the original which goes up, this just sticks to the same level and is fine with it.  You listen to it and get the impression that whoever was arranging it just told the musicians to enjoy themselves with the track and that’s what they’ve done.  The echo effect with the vocal work is fine – it’s not off-putting at all and he’s obviously in on the gig of just enjoying yourself with the song, so that’s what he does and it adds to the song’s success.  I would strongly recommend you listen to it at least twice to get in the feel of it.

Then just to get a taste of how much of a departure it is from the original, just listen to it.  The feel of it is less jaunty and more in the keeping of the slower, seductive (yeah inappropriate for the song’s lyrical content to an extent, but it still works), enchanting as it were feel.  Get it, just get it in the system about how Stevie’s version is a soaring angst paean against his former lover who has jilted him in a way that he cannot quite get over.  When you hear it in the context of the songs that have just been sung on the album it reminds you why Stevie can write and sing authoritatively on issues of love, he has obviously been there and back again.

Come on and get into the flavours of both tracks. Enjoy.



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