Kelloggs CoCo Pops Advert

Just the mention of Coco Pops in the last post just reminded me of my love for the advert – especially the original introducing us to Coco who was a monkey like me … if you swung that way evolutionarily speaking. Funny thing is although I loved the ad I hated the cereal – back in the day when I did have cereal it would usually be Corn Flakes, Frosties and on a bad day Honey Nut Flakes, maybe if things were desperate some Rice Krispies, but not Coco’s stuff. Perhaps that was symbolic of my rejection for the evolutionary basis on which he endeavoured to engage with me. Still,

Not being able to find that awesome original I’ve settled for this just to get the thing out of my system and sharing quality ads from back in the day! Enjoy.



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