CD Salutes – Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Today has been a good day so far.  I’ve been able to do what I wanted to do in terms of some reading and some writing.  I’ve been able to download some good material by C.S. Lewis.  Enjoyed a sumptuous meal for lunch and now settling down to one of the few programmes that would keep me watching the television – Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  The people at Hallmark have gone and done a weekend of back to back episodes, so I could vegetate in front of the telly from 8am until 9pm both today and tomorrow.  I could do that, but I obviously won’t do that (he says unconvincingly).

What I love about the programme, or what attracts me to it, is the story of solving crime.  I love the whole genre of whodunit and put in the modern gritty situation where it’s a situation similar to Holmes and Watson makes for riveting viewing.  This is not like the sister show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit which I find a bit too disturbing for my liking.  The parent programme Law and Order is alright, but not something that gets me coming back again and again.

There’s something about the partnership of Goren and Eames that fascinates me so much.  The partnership works so well without ever venturing into that awkward area of the usual male-female tensions that can arise in these settings.  The brilliant yet flawed Goren, the dogged and resilient Eames going through the evidence and asking the key questions to nab how it all went down.  Even in that season where Kathryn Erbe was pregnant and they had someone else come in to work with Goren, it still worked in the light of the new girl trying to make her mark in the force even if it’s over the head of others.  This is good stuff that keeps me coming back for more, even as they’ve sort of got a bit too personal with the characters in recent seasons.  Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal as Goren has to be some of the best TV acting committed to the medium.  He cannot do it on his own which makes Erbe’s performances so pivotal and I reckon she’s so underrated.  She plays the part so well and it’s not played to be a sexy role whatsoever in any shape or form and yet sometimes because of that … anyhow she does a terrific job.

I preferred it when they had the Assistant DA Carver on the show as that added a dynamic to the show that gave that element of the legal procedure required to clinch the case and some of the dilemmas that can come out in that.  Still, as with all good programmes change is necessary to maintain momentum.  I wonder if they will know when it’s time to finish.  The two partnership idea that they’ve been running for the last few seasons with the return of Law & Order’s Detective Logan and the gutsy but fragile Detective Wheeler has mixed reviews as far as I’m concerned and now with the Logan character being replaced with Detective Zach Nichols one played by Jeff Goldblum it will be interesting to see how that develops.

In the meantime this post is just to highlight how much I salute this programme for ensuring that there are some decent programmes to watch on the television.




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