Hunter Season 2 Intro

Have I mentioned that I’m reflecting back on all those good shows of the past? It would be criminal of me to do so without referring to this awesome cop show.

OK when I say awesome I don’t really remember much about the show itself, but I don’t forget the theme tune and that’s why it’s so awesome. So there.

Now by awesome theme tunes, you’ll notice this is just the theme to season 2.  The dude that posted it, did us all a favour and posted the themes to the season before and the seasons afterwards and after hearing all of them you are left asking this question.


Season 1 you’re trying it out.  That’s understandable, then you hit a home run with the season 2 and what do you do?  You wreck it with an aberration of a version that you use for the rest of the natural life of the programme.

Still, at least we have the perfect one to be getting on with.  Enjoy.




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